ALI BABA - page three
Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Set construction - Sean Magee
Performed by Coleraine Provincial Players ( 1997)
The script called for two backcloths cloths of the same cafe interior. The first - ramshackle and run down, but the second - upmarket and smart after Mrs Baba came into a fortune. Hhere is the left hand side of the two contrasting backcloths depicting the same cafe, one dowdy and the other smart. I hope you can tell which is supposed to be which!
By the way, to paint curtains I try and work wet-in-wet i.e. keep the paint wet so that any blending of colours melds into each other. To paint the folds of curtains I use a wide five inch brush and have the main colour on the bristles but then dip one corner of that same paint-laden brush into another colour (A darker version of the base colour for shadow or a lighter version for highlight.)
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