BRIGADOON - page six
Designer Donald O'Brien. Scenic Artist Brian Willis.
Sets built by Andy Bell, Donald Wilson and Alan Rankin
Performed by Portrush Music Society at the Riverside Theatre Coleraine (1998)

The Bothy Photographed in the workshop. A bookflat with a void cut for the window. 2.5 ltr tin for scale The shadow painted on the wood on the left helped to give the impression of different thickness of old planks. There is no depth to that window, it is painted on a flat board. I paint first, then once satisfied, take the jigsaw to it to cut out the shape. Likewise with those planks on the left. I painted them before cutting the tops out. If I did the cutting first I am sure I would have forgotten to leave room for the the thicknesses.

Notice the perspective trick where I have shown the thickness on the left of the window but with the flat positioned at an angle to the audience they wouldn't be able to see any thickness on the right. I like my reflected light up under the window thickness too.

I have deliberately not cropped the photo so that you can see the back of a flat on the right and see it is supported by a frame of timber with triangles in the corners for extra strength. You can also see the profile edges protruding. Providing these do not stick out too far there is no need for any extra strengthening bars. That LPG fire was not very effective but it was something to warm ones hands on when it was so cold.

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