MERRY WIDOW - page three
Designed by Donald O'Brien.
Scenic Artist Brian Willis. Sets built by Norman Ballentine.
Performed by Portrush Music Society at the Riverside Theatre Coleraine. (1996)

The Gardens of Madame Glavari's Compare this with the previous page to see how the rostra and doorways are changed to alter this scene. A very ingenuous arrangement by Donald O'Brien the designer. (remember to close the separate window once finished with.)

It looks to me as if they were just in the process of lowering the lanterns from the grid for the "Evening" scene, as you can just see some of the many lanterns which eventually were strung around the set.

Detail of the trompe l'oeil gates. All painted on flat board. Oops too much shadow on the left pillar top and not enough on the right one. The shadow of the arch on the cyc. rather spoils the effect. I like the greens in this painting, Normally my greens are too sickly. Unfortunately I think my painting of this set was far too detailed and fussy and must have appeared to have been in competition with the costumed actors. Scenery is supposed to enhance a show not dominate it!
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