Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Sets constructed by Sean Magee
Will be performed by Coleraine Provincial Players, (2010)
THIS PAGE UPDATED ON December 6, 2009
"THE CAVE" Page one

POSSIBLE ELEMENTS which could go into this scene.

BACKCLOTH- 17' x 11'
The Producer has, yet again, asked for UV paint/lights (Traditional for this company) but as there is no treasure in this cave (Plot spoiler!) I don't know quite where to put these glowing spots of paint. Some idea will probably turn up. Probably will make them as if they are in strata.

In designing and painting something vague like a cave you can't just put splodges of paint on and hope for the best. I find I need to give each boulder an individual shape and attention to texture and planes.

Shafts of light from hidden source (Good for silhouettes and reflected light)
A sea cave?  
I (and I am sure the audience) are getting fed up with the same old cave with the same old stalactites
Sand piled up  
See the sea?  
Pool of water An excuse for colour and reflections
Rusty Iron ring and chain
Gives scale. (Hard to show the scale of a cave without something like this. )
Star fish & Barnacles  
Waterfall This is against my better judgment to paint something animate but I will indulge just for this occasion. There's a mist at the top and bottom of a waterfall.
Cave drawings  
Rock arch  
Strange rock formations  

WINGS There will also be two wings in this scene for the baddies to hide behind. One of which could have a hole through which a baddie can poke his head.
This hole will have to be as far on stage as possible so the audience in the extreme right seats can see it.

These wings I will paint at the same time as the backcloth to keep colours the same so it all appears to blend in. Always a surprise to the audience when a member of the cast apparently appears from within the scenery (i.e. from behind a wing)

Oh dear above sketch looks a right mess but I assure you it will be alright on the night! Hard to sort out what's what in monochrome. This sketch includes the two wings. Which I have separated here with an edge of white. The left one I will call the "Ring Wing" and the right hand one the "Hole Wing"



Five foot wide including profile edge

On the right is the completed wing

2.5 Ltr. paint tin for scale

I rarely paint animate objects as they look silly just stuck there (fire; flying birds etc) but think I can get away with a stationary seagull sitting on her nest.




Dark section is the void for Baddies to peer through.

On the right is the completed wing.

2.5 Ltr. paint tin for scale.

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