Hi BBC Heritage Memories readers.
Here are a few of my drawings made during my time in the BBC, -
at BH London, Bush House, ETD Evesham and Belfast.
Regards Brian (Click here to email me)
  • Unfortunately the pencil drawings have got rather smudged over the years.
  • In order to attempt to keep download time to a minimum there are only two pictures to a page. (I have not given an alternative text title for each pic.- can't be bothered!)
  • All pictures on this site are greatly reduced from the originals.
  • Navigation. You can either click on an item below or start at the BH London page and click consecutively on through the pages from there.
Broadcasting House London Control Room
Bush House Continuity Suite and Courtyard steps
Bush House The Strand roof tops sketched from the Continuity Suites.
Bush House wanderings. Covent Garden and St Mary-le-Strand
Bush House wanderings - The George Fleet Street,
Evesham Training School Classroom and The Crown Hotel
BH Belfast Continuity Desk and view from BH Control Room window.
BH Belfast TV Gallery and exterior drawing of BH Belfast in snow
Television OBs Outside Belfast City Hall and Curtis Cup Newcastle
Television OB at a Songs of Praise
Sketches during breaks in news filming. Belfast Law Courts and Stormont Castle
Sketches during film breaks continued. Leinster House and Law Courts Londonderry
"The Troubles". Bomb damaged building and RUC man firing CS
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