Alfred James Bartlett 1884 - 7/11/1955
To my knowledge there were very few meetings between Alfred James and his daughter Madge and I can only recollect a handfull of visits to the Alfred James Bartlett home in Fordingbridge. But then in those days communications were sparse with few telephones and cars. Mother also had very bad legs which made travelling a rarity. (See Madge's page)
I remember.......
Grandfather Bartlett's collection of 78 rpm records of fairground organ music
Being taken around his sheds behind the house and seeing the fairground machines packed up and stored there. I think these sheds were subsequently used for making "breeze" blocks before being used for log chopping
He married twice. His first wife was Mary Ann Chipperfield and his second Emily Conely (I think "Conely" is correct). he had Topsey, Jim, Minnie and Madge by his first wife and a daughter Emily by his second.
He was buried at Hyde parish church Fordingbridge
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