The following is a transcript from an article in the Southern Journal
Dated Friday November 11th 1955
The original is in too sorry a state to reproduce on the web.



By the death of Mr. Alfred James Bartlett, Fordingbridge has lost a highly respected and popular native and the diminishing number or real, old showmen has suffered another loss.

Mr. Bartlett. who died at his home, The Bungalow, West-end, Fordingbridge, on Monday in (sic) last week, was 71. He leaves a widow, one son and four daughters.

Born at Blissford Fordingbridge -as was his father- he attended the old school at Hyde before the present building was erected.

At the age of 16 he followed his father in the fairground show-business, and until the outbreak of the second world war he toured the South and West of England, a well known figure on all fairgrounds. He was for many years the lessee of Fordingbridge Fair, when it was an important local event.

His family name is perpetuated in Bartlett's Common, Hyde (Bartlett's Common still exists in 2001- Brian) Since giving up show business Mr. Bartlett had carried on a log business at Fordingbridge.


The funeral took place on Thursday in (sic) last week at Hyde Church and was conducted by the Rev. A. H Young, with Mr. R. Thomas at the organ
Family mourners were; Mrs. Bartlett (widow) Mr. J. Bartlett (son) Mrs J Bartlett (daughter-in-law)
The Misses E and M Bartlett and Mrs. M Willis (daughters), (ie Emily, Minnie and Madge)
Mrs. D Witt, Mrs. M. Randall, Mrs A Childs and Mrs A Henstridge (sisters).
Mr. V. Bridgewater and Mr P. Willis (sons-in-law), (Alix's grandfather and my father)
Mr. L. Witt and Mr. H Henstridge (Brothers-in-law).
Mr. and Mrs. A Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Dinsmore. Mr. and Mrs. G Percy, Mr. and Mrs. F Percy (nephews and nieces).
Mr. and Mrs. H Conely (brother and sister-in-law)
Mr. and Mrs. J Conely. Mr. and Mrs. B Conely (nephews and nieces)
Mr. Fred Tolly (nephew)
Mrs. A Crook (niece)
Mrs. Herbert and Joe Bartlett (niece and grand-nephew)
Mr. C. Mist (Cousin) (I bet he was teased at school if he lived near the coast!- Brian)
Mr. C Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. N. Mullins, Mr. W Bartlett Mr. F Bartlett, Mr. Dan Barker and Mr. Tim Barker (cousins)
Unable to attend were: Mrs. V. Bridgewater (daughter), Mrs. Tolly (sister) and Mr. and Mrs. Groves.
A large number of past and present employees attended

There- that'll give you something to do in the long winter evenings- trying to work out who was who. (Alex and David will find things of interest here)
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