ALADDIN Bushmills - second page...
Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Scenery built by Kenny McKay and Trevor McKendry.
Performed by Bushmills Primary School PTA and friends.(2003)
"The Dungeon"Backcloth
This cloth is eighteen feet long. 5ltr. paint tin below "window" for scale.

Three pupils of the school stand in front of the "Entrance to the cave" Painted with a tongue in cheek nod to the Lord of the Rings film.
Incidentally one of these youngsters is the child of one of the volunteer set-builders and the other two are his grandchildren. Surely that must be some sort of record to have your child and your grandchildren going to the same primary school?

This unit is in five flat sections which are clipped together. The figures are 11 feet high approx. I took great pains to marry the painting of the boulder into the rest of the "stonework" so that, hopefully, it can't been seen.

To see the boulder slid back, click on the photo and say out loud ... "Open Sesame"

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Open Sesame