ALADDIN Vancouver Island page one
Janis Dods emailed me from Canada (see letter) asking if they could use some of my Aladdin ideas. Needless to say I was delighted, for this is what this site is all about. More importantly for the rest of us, she has now sent photos of their scenery which she is happy to share with others. I see no reason why the scenery from other companies cannot be put on this site so we can swap ideas. But please don't inundate me with huge files. Each photo under 60k please and jpeg file.

Set Designer Janis Dods
Scenic Artists - Janis and Ian Dods.
Sets constructed by Bob Mayr.
Performed by The Portal Players at the Capitol Theatre in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. (2004)
The Laundry

Based on my "Laundry" bookflat. Although I note this version is on a truck. (platform on rollers) Lucky them to have enough room off stage to take a truck of this size.

The door was "practical" i.e. opened and shut..

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