ALI BABA Page one
Designed and painted by Brian Willis
Set construction - Sean Magee
Performed by Coleraine Provincial Players ( 1997)
The Market Place I painted these Ali Baba cloths in the warehouse of a large supermarket (Mall), so when I wanted to show scale, I persuaded one of the shop assistants to stand in front of the cloth.
I think this cloth was interesting and had a nice three dimensional feel for several reasons. The layering and overlapping of practically every element. You never see a whole item, everything is in the foreground of everything else. For instance starting at the front left side:- the porch roof is in front of the window wall, which is front of the arch, which is front of the louvred shutters, which is front of the red awning, which is front of the arch etc etc,
I also like the sun streaming onto the road between the right hand buildings and those shadows across the arches in the background
Do you see the two bases of the domed building at the back? Note the nearest corners. This is an old trick in painting. Make the dark side of the corner even darker at the actual junction and conversely the light side even lighter at the actual corner. (End of art lessons!)
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