Designed and painted by Brian Willis
Performed by "Merlins", Childrens' Theatre, Grimsby 2006
I included some small insects and animals for the young audience to discover.
Hedgehog Hedgehog. This is near the bottom of the painting and will probably be actually at the bottom once the cloth is on the roller. .
Snail Snail. Rather a cartoon version. I was tempted to put in a little smiling mouth but resisted.
Ladybird Ladybird. My favourite because of the colour contrast. For those who are interested, this is the Seven Spot Ladybird - although I only painted four!
Catterpillar Caterpillar. Not such a contrasty colour as it is in rather a noticeable position and I didn't want it to be too prominent.
Bee Bee. Rather fat. Maybe she's pregnant!
Butterfly Butterfly. Again, because of it's prominent position, I opted for a similar colour to the sky behind.
Squirrel Squirrel. A rather round shouldered red squirrel. A bit deformed. Red squirrels are quite rare. Especially the round-shouldered ones.
And finally, to give an idea of scale, a photo of myself working on the cloth
Brian putting in the outlines
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