THE BOYFRIEND - page one
Designed by Donald O'Brien,
Scenic Artist Brian Willis.
Performed by Portrush Music Society at the Riverside Theatre Coleraine. (1992)

An evening sky. The lighting people were not happy with this as they cannot light a black sky! This is in three sections with the joins running down the tall plant stands. (Unfortunately noticeable on the right hand one.) And yes that is meant to be stars in the sky and not specks on the photograph. I was pleased with this inset scene which has a nice painterly feel. I like the greens in this scene. Normally my greens are a little over the top and pantomime. I think what makes this appear three dimensional are the palm leaves and shadows over the balustrade. Pity the shadows couldn't be painted on the rostra but that would have looked silly when the rostra were in use for another scene.

I paint skies and sea like this by painting as fast as I can to keep all the colours wet (Watercolourists call this wet-in-wet) And literally run back and forth past the flats adding colour as I go so that it all blends in. It was only after I had painted sky and sea did I then put in the palms and then the stonework and finally the plant stands.

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