BRIGADOON - page two
Designer Donald O'Brien. Scenic Artist Brian Willis.
Sets built by Andy Bell, Donald Wilson and Alan Rankin
Performed by Portrush Music Society at the Riverside Theatre Coleraine (1998)
The Bridge. Photographed in the workshop. This was a sloping ramp with hardboard nailed on either side and all the stonework painted on trompe l'oeil. To the left can be seen my indispensable little folding painting table. I like the light reflecting off the water onto the stonework under the bridge in this piece. Shadows of hanging greenery help to define the planes of the stonework.
Ground Row (seen behind church in first page) Some of the overlap joins are very noticeable in this photo, taken in the workshop, but once we got to the theatre these separate sections were nailed together and the joins disappeared. The hardboard on the floor is to make it easier to slip ladders along. Five litre paint tin beside post is for scale. Unfortunately I cut off the tops of the mountains in this photo but you can guess they were sort of 'pointy'! Behind this ground row was a sky cyclorama.
And here are those overlap joins. I plan scenery to account for overlap joins. That stark tree on the right is an example.
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