SWEET CHARITY -- Central Park - Page two
Designer:- Tony Bird
Scenic Artist:- Brian Willis
Performed by :- Newbridge Musical Society at the Dominican College Newbridge Co. Kildare.
April 2006

And here is the Central Park sketch, now with the main outlines marked in ink and overlaid with a one centimetre grid (won't be one cm. in your browser) When putting in the ink outlines I make a point of drawing everything freehand with wobbly lines. That way it helps me differentiate between outlines and the grid. Steps are a horrendous problem when transferring lots of them so I number each step, as I have done here (not easy to see), and tick off each line as I transfer it, otherwise I get in a muddle. The Vanishing Point for the two side pillars is marked with a small circle on the horizon line/eye line, one foot off the ground and between lines 16 and 17. Other VPs are well off the sketch on either side. I wont have room in the workshop to construct these lines, so make accurate positions on the drawing and transfer as best I can . There is a mathematical way of working out the angle of a perspective line when you can't get to the vanishing point but it's too much of a hassle when there are so many of them.

Ignore the colours. These I put in just to help me see the various blocks of items. The colours help differentiate elements when transferring.

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