DICK WHITTINGTON - Bushmills page one

Designed constructed and painted by Brian Willis.
Performed by Bushmills Primary School PTA February 2007

The Haunted Cove

The script called for a Haunted Cove - this cloth (see above) is my interpretation of it. Almost a monochrome painting framing the misty blue/green of the sea. The backcloth is 17 feet long with a drop of only seven feet. (5ltr. paint tin for scale) The blue above the cloth is in fact the back wall of the stage. To the left is an eight foot high flat which shows my version of an Easter Island statue. The cross on the forehead is part of the script.


This Flat is hardboard faced supported by 2" x 1" timbers on the back (known locally as "roofing laths") Using hardboard rigidly supported in this way enables me to cut out the profile edge to give an interesting silhouette. This will come into it's own as the cast emerge from behind it.

The stonework texture I did using a sponge dipped in two colours and dabbed it on in a haphazard fashion. The "cracks" serve a dual role - to emphasis the old age of the statue and also to help the 3d effect by defining the various planes of the stonework. Although I think I got a bit carried away with too many cracks.

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