Our helicopter trip from Bushmills to visit the Galantas Gold Mine near Omagh

Before we start this photo album.

Some thank you's.....

  • First of all to two of our children, Philippa and her husband Donald, and Robin and his wife Wendy, for their present of money which helped to fund this adventure
  • Rodger Bennett, our friendly and helpful helicopter pilot;
  • Alan Dunlop Director of the Bushmills Inn for permission to land at their property;
  • and Bob Torrens, photographer with the Newtownards Chronicle.
  • and Nick Hardie the General Manager. for arranging the tour of the mine and looking after us so well.
As you see them here on this web photo-album, the photos taken by Bob appear poor both in quality and resolution and do not do justice to his excellent originals.
If you would like a copy of any of Bob's originals please contact me.
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