"Annie Get Your Gun"
Designer - Donald O'Brien.
Scenic Artist - Brian Willis
Sets constructed by Leonard Quigg
Performed by - Ballycastle Choral Society (1997)
"Inside the Fort"

A set for "Annie Get Your Gun" with painted (trompe l'oeil) staircase

Most of this is painted on, including the staircase, gallery, and flags Look at the bottom of the flats (panels) to see what is real and what isn't. None of the arches or doorways are real. This took a carpenter about four days to make and me about eight days to paint.
Where the flats meet the floor give the game away about what is painted and what is real. The scenery is constructed from boards (hardboard) mounted on wooden frames.

And above is a sketch of the proposed Pulman Parlour beds. These were on trucks and were swiveled round. I note the two foreground sides are labelled "Scene 2" so I guess they did a different job. (Perhapes formed part of the boat for the Cattle Boat scene which would explain the Porthole) Sorry can't be more explicit. I am writing this note fourteen years after the show!
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