ROBIN HOOD - page two
Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Sets constructed by Sean Magee
Performed by Coleraine Provincial Players, (1998)

Two wings for the castle exterior. Little girl for scale.

The bottom and top of the left hand wing shows that most of the three-dimensional effect is achieved by me painting on the perspective (as usual I have set my eye line/horizon line about 9 inches off the stage floor.)

The two planes are differentiated by cracks and plants "going around" the corners.

Also I hint at the undulating texture of the stonework by the uneven shadows of the plants and flags which "follow" the stonework.

And of course I have painted one side lighter than the other.

The tops of these two wings were hidden by a cloth border

And here is an early thought on the "Village" with the castle in the background. On the right can be seen one of the flats which appear in the top photo. There's a photo of this completed cloth in the studio here somewhere. When I find it I will post it on this site.
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