Designed by Brian Logan
Scenery constructed by Ronny Kelly, Gordon Kelly, Mark McCandless and Michael Sweeney.
Performed by Ballywillan Drama Group, Riverside Theatre, Coleraine January 2007

Engine, doors and walls

Here I am working on "Jekyll and Hyde the Musical". As you can see my work is nearly completed. I'm not doing the whole set, which is mainly lots of steps and platforms etc. I am just doing small "arty" bits for them as this picture shows. There are items from three separate scenes in the above photo. In the foreground I am standing beside a scaled down front of a steam train engine. This will only be glimpsed as it to be surrounded by smoke.
CUT-OUT PROFILE EDGES. The only problem with the train engine painting is I was presented with the MDF (board) already cut out to what the designer and builders had decided was the outline of a steam engine. So had to paint to match that. In all cutouts - trees, window voids etc. I prefer to paint first and only when I am content with the result do I then cut out with the jigsaw.

In the background you can see I have painted some big double doors. On the left of the photo is part of a room interior with an imitation plaster cove and a quickly dashed off Canaletto painting to take the bareness off the wall. All the panelling on doors and walls are painted on with depth hinted at by painted on shadows.

FOOTNOTE.. "The Flying Scotsman"
The locomotive was completed at Doncaster works on 7 February 1923. It cost £7,944 and was given the running number No 1472. Following a short period on display at Marylebone station, the A1 express passenger locomotive No 1472 was put into service.

In 1924 the LNER were invited to display a locomotive at the British Empire Exhibition. No 1472 was awaiting repairs, so was re-numbered 4472 under the new LNER numbering scheme, named Flying Scotsman, and placed before an adoring public. This established a pattern for the LNER of using Flying Scotsman as a flagship locomotive around the UK.

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