KING AND I - page two
Designer Brian Logan
Scenic Artist Brian Willis. Sets constructed by Arthur Butcher, Liam Berry and Charlie Stewart
Performed by pupils of Cross and Passion College Ballycastle (2002)
There now follows some cast photos Those who know the Musical will remember that the first scene is on board the boat arriving at Siam.

A Stagehand poses beside two wings (Audience Rt.) Look at where the flats meet the floor to see there are two of them.

These, together with their two opposite numbers on the other side of the stage, I painted all at the same time. This enabled me to keep a similar colour of background (water, trees etc)

The audience sat on the flat, i.e. not raked, assembly hall floor so the "handrails" were painted at the same level on all four wings to give the illusion of being part of the same boat.

Note how the mountain continues between the two flats with the "mast" hiding the "join" .

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