OLIVER - Ballycastle 2006 page one
Sets Designed and constructed by Fergal McCarry
Sets painted by Brian Willis
Performed by Ballycastle Choral Society in the Sheskburn Leisure Centre, November 2006

I do not have workshop premises of my own. So usually who ever commissions me also supplies me with a place large enough in which to paint. These can range from warm church and school halls through to dilapidated farmer's barns with leaking roofs. (The barns are dilapidated not the farmers). Well for this production Ballycastle Choral Society have found me a delightful building. So delightful in fact that I thought I would show it to you.
There- isn't that lovely? And there is just enough room to hang an eleven foot high cloth and stand fourteen feet back from it to view. The building is a refurbished boathouse on the harbour front at Ballycastle. Any time I need to stretch my legs and get some fresh air I come out of that side door and take in the glorious view. There is also quite a passing "trade" of tourists too who peer in those big double doors to watch me work. (Mind you I did have a person poke their head in the other day and ask me what time was High Tide? - Probably my beard had something to do with him thinking I was a man of the sea and knew about these things)
Enough of the tourist brochure let's show you what I painted - and yes I know some of the designs you will have seen before in a previous production of mine, but I hope my art work has improved since then .
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