Sound Of Music Macosquin Page one
Designed, built and painted by Brian Willis

Performed by -Macosquin Primary School 2009

THE ABBEY (and Concert Hall)
The Abbey
A pupil stands beside one of the wings for scale. Photo taken under working lights - stage lights not on.
This set comprises of two wings and a backcloth. Total width of set is 21 feet. Total height just over eight feet.
The stage is a very low one which puts the audience' eye line (horizon line) at about 18 inches, which means that in "reality" they would be seeing the floor of the Abbey backcloth. This I did not want so put in steps to solve the problem,

This set will be used to depict the Abbey and then flags will cover the two stained glass window wings and be draped in front of the backcloth to represent the Concert Hall.

Tip - I got a firm of vinyl sign makers to make me a stencil of the swastika. They offered to make the shape in vinyl but this would have been too shiney so opted instead to use my matt black emulsion paint.

Concert Hall Wing with flag
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