SOUND OF MUSIC - Final page
Designer - Donald O'Brien. Scenic Artist - Brian Willis. Sets constructed by Leonard Quigg
Performed by - Ballycastle Choral Society (2001)

"The hills are alive" mountain backcloth. Steps on left for scale. Photographed in the workshop. By the way that's hardboard on the floor which enables me to slip the steps along easier. I also have a big platform on wheels on which I can either stand or put the ladders on. There's a lip all the way round to stop the ladders falling off!

The fun of vast scenes like this with aerial perspective is that you can apparently give surprising depth to even the smallest village hall stage where the audience is used to seeing the platform normally occupied by local worthies sitting in a row of chairs backed by black curtains pontificating about some vital village issue. (Wind farm; vandalism, bus shelters, dog poo in the street ... delete as necessary)

That completes Ballycastle Sound of Music scenery.

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