TITANIC - page one
Designer - Kerry Dunn.
Scenic Artist - Brian Willis.
Performed by Portrush Music Society at the Riverside Theatre, Coleraine, May 2007

Now this was a challenge! I had been asked to paint for this show several months ago but declined when I heard it involved a lot of lettering. (I don't do lettering - hate it. I am not a sign writer and don't pretend to be. ) Then, on a Wednesday afternoon, out of the blue, came this plea that the Company had been let down by the artist who was booked to do this cloth and could I do it at short notice? The Show was to start the Saturday week! So by the time I had finished the job I was on, this only gave me six days to do, what turned out to be, the most complex cloth I have ever undertaken. Normally designers would only give me a rough brief and I am usually allowed a more or less free hand to 'do my own thing'. But this was a front cloth which had been designed in a very graphic way and I had to be as close to the original draft as possible. It took two days just to mark it out before I even picked up a brush.

Brian painting the Titanic cloth

Photo by Michael McLaughlin
Photo shows me nearly finishing the cloth. Cloth is 20 feet wide by 11 feet high. (Yes I know I couldn't reach the top using those steps - I had a scaffold tower for the high bits! )
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