Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Sets constructed by Sean Magee
Will be performed by Coleraine Provincial Players, (2010)
THIS PAGE UPDATED ON August 29, 2009
NOTES Page two
Yet another meeting with Sean, and more coffee. We meet in the restaurant of one of Coleraine's main upmarket stores and I am sure the other patrons must wonder what we two old codgers are planning with the table strewn with drawings and notes. And us sitting there, heads together. for up to two hours at a time. When they overhear phrases such as "... supporting a canvas wing" they probably think we are designing a new Jumbo Jet.

UPDATE... on 4th August.
In the "Town Docks" scene there are two very big , permanently fixed, wings which will be eleven feet high. However, Sean has suggested that, to save off-stage storage space and the effort of moving them around, all the other wings in the show should be no more than five feet wide and nine feet tall.

As a result of that meeting I have produced another set of drawings (which follow on this web site). These latest drawings are now ready for discussion with Robert the Producer.

UPDATE .. 14th August.
Another meeting, and more coffee with three of us this time:- Sean, myself and Robert the Producer. We went through the sets for a final agreement. See following pages . Now I plan to make the construction drawings for the built pieces. From these Sean will make his list of timber requirements. I will also put grids over the backcloth drawings ready for transfer.
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