WHITE HORSE INN - page two
Designed and painted by Brian Willis.
Sets constructed by Derek Allan, Stan Moss, Jim Moorhead, Jim Moffatt and Billy Drennan.
Performed by Lisnagarvey Operatic Society (1968)

"Outside the Inn". Both left and right pieces are on castors and for the scene change to the "Cow Barn" swung inwards to make the barn, (See previous page) I hated this backcloth ( Where are the reflections?) and determined to paint better mountains - which I think I succeeded in doing many years later for "The Sound of Music"

By the way this backcloth was fairly old so I ruined it even more by scraping several holes in and around the "village" in the background and hung a lamp behind the cloth so that at 'nightfall' the light twinkled through the holes to make it look like lights in the village.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of this but you'll see from above treatment sketch that we put two "buildings" out into the auditorium either side of the proscenium arch. The one on the right the actor could get inside and appear at the window much to the amazement and amusement of the audience.
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