WIZARD OF OZ Macosquin page one. (The school's own version)
Designed, constructed and painted by Brian Willis
Performed by pupils of Macosquin Primary School, Northern Ireland, June 2005

MUNCHKINLAND. Photo taken during a non-costume rehearsal using available daylight.

The Producer's brief for this Set was... Munchkin village; rainbow; yellow brick road; a field for Scarecrow; Dorothy's damaged house, with witches legs protruding; somewhere for the Munchkins to hide behind. (Hence the ground-row well)

Painting the shadows of the broken window on the clapboard wing was an interesting challenge which didn't quite come off. That window frame, apparently hovering in mid air, reminds me of Salvador Dali!

Here's a better photo of the backcloth with the painting nearly finished. 5ltr tin for scale. Photo taken under natural light.
The duck on the pond is a tongue in cheek idea as I knew it would be hidden by the well and only included it to amuse the youngsters. I hate animate objects - seagulls, flames etc- painted on a backcloth, stuck there, not moving, for the whole scene.
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