ALADDIN Coleraine 2001 page one
Backcloths designed and painted by Brian Willis.
Set Constructed by Sean Magee and Hamish Grant
Performed by Coleraine Provincial Players (2011)

Backcloth 20 feet by eleven feet. About one foot missing from either side in this photo as I could not get back far enough. 2.5 ltr. paint pot for scale.
For the background of this cloth I tried to portray those lovely Chinese paintings of rocks and mountains apparently floating space.

Aerial Perspective. Once happy with the background I then put a layer of translucent white emulsion over the whole lot to "knock back" the elements and make them more distant and vague.
The script called for a laundry one side and a cafe the other.

There's a Willow Pattern Bridge in the background too but I mucked it up by painting a tree in front. I should have painted out that tree but you can keep fiddling with these paintings for ever if you wanted to.

Above is a detail of this cloth showing how I used the shadow of the foliage to imply the roundness of the roof tiles. Also see the shadow on the red door frame.
Note how I separated the blue building from the cafe in the foreground by "misting" the join between them
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