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Richard Harvey wrote.....
I stumbled across your site whilst 'surfing' for inspiration for our childrens' grotto........But where can I buy your book? I have searched all manner of book shops but to no avail do you have any suggestions?

My reply is.....Unfortunately my book has never been published. Sorry about that.

For several years I kept a clipboard of scrap paper beside me when I worked and jotted notes down as the task continued. The book (Called "Painting Scenery for the Amateur Stage) is completed but it is still here in the office in a large file box. - All 200 pages of text and over 100 cartoon illustrations. I haven’t offered it to a publisher yet. No time and I would not like the thought of rejection.

I started putting it into PDF form and uploading it onto my web site but the download time was horrendous for only a few pages so I gave up.

Perhaps I need an agent!! Trouble is I am 67. I am up to my eyes in art work and desperately trying to get out of doing any more big backcloths. I am trying to concentrate instead on the small stuff and was amused to find myself working on a 230 x 154 pixels drawing for a BBC web site recently. (from 24 feet long stage sets to 230 pixels is quite a transition) So no time to go looking for a publisher.

I am on a pension and this is meant to be a hobby. No money in it - just enough to upgrade the computer and car every two years or so.

Here are some pages from my book
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