Scenery Painting
Some Questions and Answers
Every few weeks someone emails me asking for my thoughts on a particular scenery painting problem. Here are a few of those questions together with my replies
An arch flat Chris (USA)
Gauzes Neil
My "Painting Scenery Book" David
Painting on bed sheets Jeanette (California)
Eyelines/ horizon lines position Denise (Massachusetts)
Aladdin and perspective Janis (Canada)
Books and windows in perspective Mary (UK)
Varnishing exterior murals Jeanette (Shetland Isles)
Distressing a "Room" Jane (UK)
What paint to use? Mathew (UK)
Interior of old wooden building   Vince (Arizona USA)
Building a tree wing Ali (London)
Doors and Panels for interior box set   Bob (California)
Canvas and rolling a backcloth (two pages) Chris (Shrewsbury UK)
and Laura (Ontario Canada)
Latex paint America
Viewing backcloth on the floor   Using a computer to "straighten"
Making and supporting an arch Clare
The stone floor of a tavern. Doug (Kansas)
Buying and treating canvas for a backcloth.. Christina (UK)
A kitchen in perspective Ginny (UK)
How hold up flats? - a French Brace Julie (UK).
A Paint frame and stretching and sealing  

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