A Question buying and preparing canvas for a backcloth

I am a primary school teacher and would like the children to help paint the back cloth for a Christmas Production. Do you know where I can get canvas? Also does it has to have a frame for the canvas to be stretched over?
Regards, Christina

The last canvas I worked on came from :-
I didn't do the purchasing but the person who did has used them regularly and sings their praises. -especially with newcomers who don't know quite what they want.

Failing that try my own supplier. Here is an extract from a reply I sent to someone a couple of years ago...
I live in Northern Ireland and buy my canvas from my local Theatrical Supplies man.
I buy it in two versions. I can buy it from him 9 feet wide and (apparently) almost indefinite length. Buying it this way, as it comes off the loom, it is surprisingly cheap. I bought several pieces from him last week and each piece was 13 feet long and nine feet wide and each of those pieces cost me £30 plus vat. (No postage as I collected it myself from his workshop.) (June 2005 price)
However if I want a bigger width than that, then the price rockets as he gets his manufacturer to make up the piece with no seams.

Incidentally if you do end up with an overlap on your canvas then ensure the overlap is the right way up so that light striking the overlap does not cast a shadow.
So my advice is to firstly try contacting your own local Theatrical Supplies Company (yellow pages?).
However I have phoned my own man and, just in case you do not have any luck at your end then he is willing to supply anywhere in the UK from here in Northern Ireland. In actual fact I think he gets his canvas from a mill in England somewhere and he hinted he would probably get your order sent directly from there to you to save all the to-ing and fro-ing of the material and also to cut down on the cost of postage.

If required feel free to contact me and I will email you his name and phone number (Don't want to publish it here)
Unfortunately the man still does not have a computer or web site. I keep shouting at him about keeping up with the times and hopefully he will be going on line in a few months time. He and I have been “trading” for many years and he has never let me down.

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